Why I would never buy word processing software

Because Google Drive.



It’s free. It’s on a cloud. You can access it on your computer, your iphone or your android. And it has word processing, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, drawings. Plus you can download things as PDFs as well as popular file types of either open source or Microsoft.

Now I’m sure that if you are using Word or Excel or Powerpoint at an advanced level there might be some things that it doesn’t do. But for the vast majority of us, it does everything you could possibly want. And because it’s on the web and you aren’t running software, it’s fast and it autosaves everything so you never lose anything.

Plus you can install Google Drive onto your hard drive as a folder and it will sync anything that you put in there.

Not to mention the option of sharing. You can either have an individual file or folder as private so only you can see it, you can share it with specific people or you can make it available to anyone who has the link. Which makes it particularly handy for collaborations.

It is completely integrated too. So let’s say you decide to run a survey on your website using google forms, it will create a spreadsheet on google drive with all of the responses. And you can indulge all your compulsive must-check-every-five-minute tendencies on your phone to see when people respond.

Fun fact: last year when Microsoft shared this on their Facebook Page.



I might have replied “Because Google Drive”. And that comment might have been deleted because brands tend to delete the comments of smart arses.

I really shouldn’t go to Facebook before I’ve had coffee. Nonetheless, I do think that most paid software offerings are overkill for what most people actually use.┬áSo if you are buying a new PC or a new Mac, I’d hit the pause button on buying your standard word and spreadsheet software and have a little go of Google Drive and see how you find it.

Zoey is the Editor of The Shake. She lives in the middle of nowhere with two small children who are fond of clambering, destroying and/or stealing her computers and define level of fun according to volume of mess. Zoey is fond of taking photos, running and being not serious on the internet. You can read more here: www.zoeymartin.com.au


  1. says

    I draft my blogs on Google drive – I’m writing my books on Google Drive!

    I can access them at home, or if I have a quick idea at work, I can quickly login and get the idea down and saved…

    Google docs are great for sharing – my reviewers can add comments as they read my drafts…

    Plus it’s easy to back-up and keep local copies as well…

  2. says

    Interesting – have to admit embarrassingly enough I didn’t know about this. Off to check it out.
    I use Evernote a lot for drafts and ideas so I can pick them up anywhere.

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